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Galileyo, Inc. is the only trusted news and information platform accessible through all the major cellular and wifi networks and all the top satellite device network providers.

Satellite communication is the only way to ensure your ability to connect with lifesaving information if the grid ever went down. Utilizing our App on your smartphone connects you with all the best in satellite networks, easily and affordably. Thanks to our established partnerships with the top names in satellite devices, we can ensure you get the best gear and data for all your communication needs.

Working on private servers we’re able to offer censor free information directly from all the top names in Journalism, Media, Podcasts, Tips and Truth, including; daily news, emergency response and real time life saving alerts. When you sign up, each user gets their own private feeds with in-app texting, commenting and emoji responses to influencer comments, and everyone can receive our priority feed for free to get real time information anywhere on the planet.

You never know when emergencies are going to strike, but when they do, it’s too late to think about all the things you should have done… but with Galileyo, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you took the extra step ahead of time to ensure the safety of yourself, your family and your friends.

No longer will you be out of touch, traveling, hiking, boating, climbing, hunting, fishing, adventuring or exploring, because with Galileyo and with our partners at Satellite Phone Store, you’ll always have the perfect solution to stay connected and to stay informed. The Galileyo App is a crucial component of emergency preparedness, providing reliable information that preppers can count on in various situations.

The Galileyo App provides a off-grid communication solution for preppers, ensuring access to information, family and friends in remote locations or during emergencies. Designed with censor free information in mind, the Galileyo App is ideal for all adventures or anyone on the move or in situations where mobility is crucial.

You can easily set up your profile quickly, ensuring a hassle-free experience in emergency situations or during outdoor activities. Everyone can expand their connection capabilities by connecting multiple feeds, creating a scalable and efficient information stream. Galileyo is a reliable solution designed to provide reliable backup communication in emergency situations. The Galileyo Apps allows everyone to harness life saving information when the energy and power goes out, or during extended periods without access to the grid.

The ongoing El Niño events, Lahina, Gaza, Japan, Ukraine and more underscores a period of significant weather volatility, severe storms, war or heightened fire weather concerns across different regions of the United States and the Globe.

Recent weather patterns have resulted in powerful storms in the West, fire weather concerns in the Plains, and lake effect snow across New York State, highlighting the unpredictable nature of current weather events.

The national weather service says there is a very good chance that this season’s el Nino event will be “historically strong,” potentially ranking in the top 5 on record (! El nino systems bring heavy rain and snow to areas across the country. El ninos in the past have caused record flooding, hurricanes and food insecurity.

This winter the country has already seen massive storms that left hundreds of thousands without power and killed many people

These conditions will last until the May timeframe and cause major storms to push across the United States from the Southwest through the East coast. Don’t be left without power and freezing when your power goes out!

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We offer basic, individual, family and business plans… and the ultimate package… a Free Bivy Stick, Unlimited Satellite Services, Unlimited Web and App Features.

In addition we offer a 1x time lifetime payment, so when things do go dark, you know we will always give you a voice in the dark… (rates may vary)

With Galileyo you’re never out of reach, no matter where, when or why… Galileyo will connect you to all the voices in the dark.

Be prepared for grid down with the Galileyo satellite social media and information app. Galileyo serves as a reliable backup communication source during emergencies, ensuring you have connection for essential information at all times.

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