When cellular networks go down & internet access fails, Galileyo will keep you informed, via the global satellite infrastructure, guaranteed.

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Galileyo is a new Information Distribution Platform that gathers uncensored information from our proprietary global information sources and delivers that information to you, regardless of the situation on the ground, via global Satellite Phone Networks.

Receive Alerts Including:

Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Mike Adams reports independent news on natural health and the world
steve quayle
Steve Quayle
Steve Quayle brings you the largest critical information on Geological topics, Commodities Market, Diseases, Alien and UFO updates, and more.
Doug Hagmann
Doug Hagmann provides news and information based on a combination of exclusive investigative work.
Breaking News
Civil Unrest, Infrastructure Disruption, Food Supply Chain, Virus Outbreaks, Drug Recalls, National Guard Deployments, Terrorist Activity, Political Instability
Financial Markets
Cryptocurrency Prices, Stock Indexes, Financial Futures Prices, Commodity Futures Prices, Precious Metal Prices, Oil & Gas Spot Prices, Forex Spot Prices, Unusual Activity Alerts for all Markets
Hurricanes, Tornados, Heavy Snowfall, Seismic Activity, Solar Storms, Pollution Warnings, Volcanic Activity, Radiation Activity

Receive Alerts On:

Sat Phone Networks
Iridium, Inmarsat

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Galileyo utilizes global satellite phone networks, enabling you to receive the vital & life-saving information you need, when your access to cellular networks or internet access fails or is offline.

You rely upon the free flow & integrity of information for the safety of you & your family. Your Business relies upon your ability to communicate with your Staff & your Clients.

But should you?

Today there are numerous and growing threats to the availability, integrity, and even access to information as well as your ability to communicate with others.

Civil Unrest, Cyberattacks, Power Outages, Extreme Weather Events, Encroaching Government Regulation, Volatility in Financial Markets & EMP Attacks all represent a clear & present danger to your ability to communicate & your ability to send or receive vital, life-saving, information.

In 2020, we experienced not just one, but numerous ‘Black Swan’ events simultaneously. The effects of these events were felt across the globe and were catastrophic & fatal, and are ongoing. The lesson from 2020 is that we need to assume nothing and be prepared for anything.

With few exceptions, all ‘Black Swan’ events are preceded by warnings of some kind. There are often signs that something is wrong & there are often multiple occurrences of irregular activity that suggest what is about to take place.

For example, as early as December 2019 the Chinese Government was taking extraordinary steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, but this was not widely publicized until 2 months later.

The ultimate solution is to be able to stay informed during catastrophic events by having the ability to communicate & receive information.

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